This project is a representation of the notion that no single way of seeing the world is more valid an another.

Challenging Perceived Ideas.

This project started off focusing on areas that I was familiar with and photographing things close up. The camera was positioned around 13cm away from the subject matter  I was photographing as this is how far I hold my phone a large print text or my laptop screen when looking at it. 

The colour block concept came naturally as it is bright colours that are easier to see, a particular colour that stands out on my travels and isolating it filling the frame. Not talking about my vision outside of my home, in fear of being labelled and not being able to do things that others could made me feel incredibly isolated, hence why each image is a single colour. I just wanted to blend in and not be noticed for being a bit different. However, not only are the bright colours easier for me to see but they are also a representation that I am building in confidence wanting my perspective to be seen, challenging the mindset I grew up with and creating  work that is a little bit different, making something positive out of a situation that was out of my control.

Since these photographs were taken the project is evolving and instead of only focusing on places I am familiar with I am photographing places that everyone is familiar with such as parks, train stations, shops and other modes of transort and hospitals. The concept, the way I photograph and the 13cm distance will still be the same as the first part of the project but this time it challenges peoples perceived idea of places. 

When you think of places, take the beach for example, most already have a clear picture in their head of their perceived idea, it may take the form of blue skies, sand, sea and your favourite ice cream. This series of images is about challenging perceived ideas and introducing places everyone is familiar with from my perspective and creating colour block images of the colours I gravitate towards within these places.

Watch this space for more images coming soon as the project progresses into this new avenue...

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