Lauren Hinchly is a lens-based artist situated in Cardiff. Lauren’s photography focuses on the notion that no single way of viewing the world is more valid than another. It is about challenging perceived ideas and places that finds the viewer asking themselves how well do they really know a place that we are all supposed to know and visited. The work is personal and taken from her her own experience viewing the world. Lauren’s inspiration came from her challenges she faces living life with a visual impairment, it became about details that can only been seen from being close up and using visual aids, details that she could attempt to capture using her metaphorical magnifier, a macro lens.
Capturing details that are taken for granted by people that can see them from a distance. Her eyes have a set focus and therefore photographing has its challenges which adds to the uniqueness of her images that capture her perspective of seeing the world. Another element featured within her images, they are taken from different angles and this is not simply a creative choice but, it explores the fact that not everyone can look at something straight on and due to her poor peripheral vision and natural head tilt as a result of her vision.
Typically as a photographer taking  sharp images is easy, but for Lauren it is not; most images are variations of blur with few details and this has become a strong characteristic within her photographs. Additionally, colour is obviously another characteristic that stands out, it is something that she often gravitates towards when out and about and photographing. Not only are Lauren’s projects based on her personal experience they are based on research. Working closely with her own ophthalmology consultant and conducting research about how most people see colour.

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