A turning point...

My vision.

This project started off as photographing something as mundane as wool but through own experiences and conducting research it blossomed into something much more.  I had chosen to photograph synthetic dyed wool as in order for it to have these colours the dye was manmade. I was born with congenital cataracts and as a result had intraocular lenses fitted they are also a synthetic material without them I would have no sight at all. As a result of my impaired vision seeing most details like the minute strands found on wool is almost impossible.

Wool is made up of textures and fibres  I found myself thinking how can I focus the camera on something that I cannot see? This project felt like it was coming to an end before it started.  My vision does not physically allow me to see these details and by simply putting a camera in front of it made it more apparent that no matter how many photos I took the photos would not fit the typical formal qualities for example having a sharp, clear image that I felt a photo had to have in order to be successful. 

This project was a turning point, through research discovering the work of Uta Barth a lot of her work consists of blurred images and in a way it reassured me that perhaps the idea I had about how photography was supposed to look was in fact outdated.
Even when you look through a magnifying glass towards the edges whatever you are looking at starts to blur, I took that as an opportunity to experiment with different depth of field and began to produce work that would be interesting to look at. Instead of trying to make myself fit into a style of photography that I did not I carried on photographing the wool and found that the lack of detail within the images was quite  effective and artistic.

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